BOYUT-bim Data Recovery

  • File deletion
  • Formatting disks with data
  • Bad sector on disks
  • Partition deletion
  • Encrypted disks with non accessible files
  • Výrus infected nonworking disks
  • Malfunctioning disks as a result of electronic failure
  • Physical causes like: dropping, liquid contact etc...
  • Section and MBR corruption on disk records

  • Analysis Price: $ 50.-
    Minimum Data Recovery Price: $ 100.-

    Data recovery service fee is not related to the value of the data content. Three important parameters are considered in determining the data recovery fee. Which are:

    1. Difficulty: Depends on physical analysis, logical analysis, the need for additional software development, fragmentation ,analysis, physical damage etc..
    2. Processing Time: According the effort spent and resource utilization data recovery process time varies
    3. Materials and Costs: Supplying spare parts, software licenses for testing, low-level access codes especially for drives etc within the country and / or abroad..
    It is not possible to determine the exact cost of data recovery prior to analysis. Final data recovery charges may be made according to the below price range.

    1st Degree price range: $ 100.- / $ 400.-
    2nd Degree price range: $ 400.- / $ 700.-
    3rd Degree price range: $ 700.- / $ 1200.-
    4th Degree price range: $ 1200.- / $ .....- (Long lasting and special effort requiring jobs)
    As long as the customer approves the analysis job, he /she agrees to pay the analysis fee. The above prices don't include VAT..

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